Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Role of the Founding Fathers in the Midterms

The Wall Street Journal on the Tea Party's ties to the Founding Fathers:
The tea party-fueled midterm elections of 2010 have featured a surprising group of men in a cameo role: the Founding Fathers. And for much of the debate over the United States’ origins, the Democrats have ceded the field.

From Alaska to Utah to Kentucky to Delaware, Republican Senate candidates, backed by the tea party, have broadly asserted that the U.S. federal government for decades has exceeded the boundaries of the Constitution and the will of its drafters, who they say envisioned a weak central government empowered mainly to defend the country and govern truly interstate commerce.
In light of Sarah Palin's 1773 comment the other day and Christine O'Donnell's actual understanding of the first amendment, it does not surprise me that others are noticing the Tea Party's ties to our nation's founding.

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