Monday, October 4, 2010

Martin-Carnahan Debate Bleg

First, what's a "bleg"? defines bleg: "To bleg is to write a blog entry or comment for the sole purpose of asking for something."

I need some help. What you're looking at above is all of the video I shot at the second Ed Martin - Russ Carnahan debate. Yes, Nick Ivanovich of the Constitution Party was there, too. The playlist above includes 27 clips. There are introductory remarks in the first and closing statements in the last. The 25 in between are the questions and answers from the three candidates—I was worried about running out of tape, so I cut Nick's answer on two to four of the later questions.

Here's how you can help. I need to title and describe each clip. The title should include the topic of the question asked (unfortunately, I missed some of the questions, so you'll have to base that on dissembling politicians in those cases). The description should be two to six sentences long and provide an overview (not a transcription) of the question. You can contribute your titles and descriptions in the Google spreadsheet I setup. Here's the procedure I recommend:

  1. Open up the Google spreadsheet
  2. Make a note in the description field that you're working on a video
  3. Follow the link in the link column and watch the video
  4. Go back to the Google spreadsheet and enter your title and two to six sentence description
I'll use the data in the spreadsheet to update my YouTube channel.

Why do this? you may ask... So the videos can be found with Google and YouTube search.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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