Friday, October 29, 2010

Dig deep, Darin

That's the subject line of an email I got today from Joe Biden and the rest of it didn't get any more encouraging for Democrats. Let's have a read:
Darin --

There's only one way to wake up the morning after an election -- with no regrets.
Ya gotta hand it to Joe—he has a way of sound vice presidential.
There's only one way to be sure that's how you wake up on November 3rd: giving everything you've got in the last five days.
Because if you don't, they're just gonna tax it from you anyway.
That's why I'm out there day after day, doing exactly what you're doing -- talking to voters.

These kinds of conversations are the most effective thing we can do in a campaign -- you know it. I know it. They're how we brought change to this country after years of Republican malarkey. They're how we won the White House.
"Malarkey." Is that how the hipsters are talkin' these day? Wow. I've been away from the scene for too long.
I know what you're doing is working because, when I'm on the road or the President's on the road, the crowds are fired up and ready to go. I'm seeing positive signs everywhere, and millions of our supporters -- including tens of thousands who have never voted before in a midterm election -- are voting early.

But we have less than a week left, and we need everyone to dig deep.
Joe's always been a master of subtlety, so if you haven't been able to penetrate his opaqueness, let me clue you in: he wants your money.
Because none of us is alone in this work, Organizing for America is pairing every grassroots donor who gives this week with another individual giving the same amount. All of us want to make an impact in these final five days, and this is a way to double it.
Hah! If you did not find yourself rolling on the floor after that paragraph, you must be either be a leftist or a humorless git. Here's the translation: "Because Moneybags Soros decided to cut us loose we have to create a meaningless incentive for our last minute pledge drive."
Please chip in $3 or more right now.

I'd never bet against this movement.
I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that several Vegas bookies have already retired after a career of betting against Joe Biden.
You're out there week after week, defying expectations. You knock on doors day after day. You make calls night after night.
Um. Joe. Um, not in Union, MO or Festus. Would you like to know where else OFA has gone dark? I don't know if you can handle it. I mean, your job is to rally the troops and that might be hard to do if you knew that the folks in St. Peters weren't pulling their weight.
Someone told me she couldn't believe that Organizing for America was reaching out to 7 million voters this week...
I couldn't either until I remembered all the voter fraud.
...and I told her that she shouldn't be surprised. You don't wait for the moment to come to you, you go out and seize it. Just Tuesday night I was in New York talking with a roomful of volunteers who were making calls and getting out the vote -- and it was a powerful thing to witness.

But we can't let up now.
That's only because you haven't yet begun to fight or something like that.
There are campaign offices out there that need to add extra phone lines because they're packed with volunteers ready to make calls. There are volunteers ready to go canvass, but they need flyers to go door to door. There are kids on college campuses working to get their classmates to vote, and they need our help, too.

I don't want to let any of them down -- not now, not when we're so close.

So I need you to join another supporter and commit to this work, together.
Really, what could be more pathetic than running a fundraiser around a matching donation when no one stepped up to provide that donation. Veep Dude, it's embarassing.
Please donate $3 or more today:

Thanks for all you do,

Joe Biden
Unbelievable. They ain't got nothin' left except vice-presidential Joe-mentum to carry them on.

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