Friday, October 8, 2010

Get out there!

The midterm elections are upon us. It's time to move beyond the Tea Parties and take an active role in getting conservatives elected. Congressional campaigns are busy calling voters and canvasing neighborhoods. Go volunteer on one this weekend! If you're in the St. Louis area, Robyn Hamlin and Ed Martin could use your help or you could volunteer at the St Louis Tea Party headquarters. Over on the western side of Missouri, Vicky Hartzler is in a tight race against Ike Skelton and Jacob Turk has an uphill battle in Kansas City.

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AmiableJAK said...

Everyone can do something. Walking your neighborhood to hand out fliers; making phone calls; put out your yard sign; get that bumper sticker ON your car.

Getting out, door-to-door, is essential, and you are the key. People need that one extra nudge to know why they should vote, let alone vote for Robyn, Ed, etc...
Your conversation could make the difference.

Elections are won one vote at a time.