Sunday, October 10, 2010

GOP Threatens Once Safe Democratic Seats

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the GOP Threatens Once Safe Democratic Seats:
Some Democrats are signaling the potential for a rout, particularly in the House. A new survey by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg gives Republicans a six-point edge, 49% to 43%, when likely voters are asked which party they support in House races. That's a margin pollsters generally believe foreshadows large gains. 'If the election were held today, it would produce a very unhappy night' for the Democrats, he said.

Mr. Greenberg said the gap is narrowing as the party base becomes more engaged and voters start paying attention to candidates and their television ads. But it must close quickly, he said, for Democrats to be in contention to save their House majority. 'I do find movement,' with the numbers narrowing a bit, Mr. Greenberg said.

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Bob and Sue said...

I was incensed yesterday when I read that the NRA has decided to endorse Democrats who were likely to be defeated by their more conservative, well-qualified opponents. These were moderate Democrats recruited in the last election cycle who STILL VOTE WITH NANCY PELOSI and the Democrats when they need their votes! Along with the endorsement went an outlay of cash. Hubby and I are FINISHED with the NRA! We joined the 'Gun Owners of America'!