Saturday, October 9, 2010

November Looks Good for Conservatives

Could Democrats have had a month worse than August? Yes: September.:
At this time last month, 44 Democrat seats were rated toss up. Today, there are 52 — a level I didn’t think Democrats would reach until election day. The firewall to preserve the Democrat majority is gone, and the second firewall, incredibly deep into the caucus, is now failing.

That’s Seat 81 which was acting as a second bulwark, pretty much capping our known universe of attainable seats. That universe has now been opened wide. (See: Congressman of over a half-century John Dingell) I’m not asserting Republicans will win every race in whatever electoral universe we’re talking about, or that Republicans won’t lose seats (Cao’s LA-2 seat isn’t looking good.) But, I am asserting that Republicans will win a majority of them, and a fair number of them unexpectedly.
Ouch. But remember: don't get cocky. Get out there!

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