Monday, October 18, 2010

Corralling Carnahan Polls

Thanks to The Missouri Record for pointers to polling data on both Robin Carnahan's (D) Senate race as well as Russ Carnahan's (D) contest with Ed Martin (R). The surprising statistic from Robin's poll is that it shows 53% of Missourians have an unfavorable opinion of her. I didn't think her negatives were that high.

The poll of Missouri's Third Congressional District was commissioned by Ed Martin's campaign (give me a break, I was reaching for a title for this post). Ed's down 48-41 with a 5% error margin with Russ outperforming the generic ballot in St. Louis city, St. Louis county, and even Jefferson County. Ed and Russ are tied at 41 in JeffCo, which I also find surprising. I would think that Ed would be comfortably ahead down there. Oddly, it doesn't look like they polled St. Genevieve.

The pollster mentions that there were a lot of comments about brother Tom Carnahan's $107 million grant in lieu of $90 million tax credit to finance a wind farm. As I've said before, "because wind power is not economically viable at the moment, funding wind farms is the equivalent of preemptively bailing them out."

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