Friday, October 22, 2010

Paul Curtman in the Final Stretch

Paul Curtman (R) jumped on the national stage in the summer of 2009 when he took the stage at Claire McCaskill's Question Session. In just over two minutes, he succinctly captured the sentiment of the nation's opposition to big Washington and the healthcare bill in particular. Here he is from that event:

Curtman was recruited by the Missouri GOP to run for office in the 105th state house district. His opponent is incumbent Democrat Michael Frame (D). Frame is a union leader turned politician in this Democrat leaning district.

Curtman has the loyalty of Tea Party groups around the state. He garnered this over the past year and half by speaking at Tea Parties and other conservative events. To give you an idea of the support he is getting from volunteers, Curtman was able to get sixty people to canvas his district one Saturday in June, two months before his uncontested primary. This is a state house race we're talking about.

Curtman's decision to run for office was made out of his loyalty to America. He's not a politician, but rather a homeschooled Marine who's father is both a Baptist pastor and a history professor. Paul knows the Constitution. He's written a book about it (available on his campaign website). He feels strongly that "if you have the ability to act, you have the responsibility to act."

Ten years in the Marine Corps taught Curtman about leadership and loyalty. He rose to the rank of sergeant and was an infantry squad leader before returning to Missouri. He began a career as a licensed financial advisor after his service, but decided a year ago that he needed to go all-in if he was going to run for office. He left his job to begin knocking on doors in Missouri's 105th and asking people for their vote on November 2nd.

You can learn more about Curtman and donate to his campaign at

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