Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Video of the St Charles Tea Party

The playlist above contains all of the speeches from the St Charles Tea Party. I used a mix of cameras, so the image and audio quality varies in places. If you only watch one clip, watch the last one, #19.

This is the first event that I had a camera dedicated to crowd coverage. In some of the clips above, I cut to the crowd for their reaction. Unfortunately, it was dark by the time Paul Curtman took the stage, so I don't have any crowd cuts in his clips. FWIW, I had all three video cameras running while Paul was speaking: one on the crowd, a tripod mounted one on Paul, and a third hand-held video camera also on Paul. The tape (yeah, I hate tape) in the tripod mounted camera ran out before Paul finished, but that's why I had the hand-held. So, if you were wondering how many cameras one person can operate at once, my record is three for just over thirty minutes.

Thanks to Alex of for giving me a copy of his excellent audio!

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