Monday, October 5, 2009

Russ Carnahan and Nancy Pelosi at the Chase

Nancy Pelosi speaks at Russ Carnahan's fund raiser

While a handful of people protested outside the Chase, conservative operatives infiltrated the Russ Carnahan (D-MO) fund raiser held high above the people on the roof. In the video above, we see Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) praise Russ for reliably going along with her agenda. The Editor at has more details about Carnahan's voting record.

Since the St Louis Tea Party did not organize a protest at the Chase, attendance was light. In addition to a presence on the corner of Kingshighway and Lindell, Tea Party protesters also gathered at a second location toward the back of the building.

The Corner of Lindel and Kingshighway

The green jobs folks were there to show their support for Congressman Carnahan. They were really nice. Unlike the Purple People Beaters, they seem to have figured out the old adage about catching flies with honey instead of vinegar. Presumably their green helmets are environmentally friendly, but I didn't think to ask them about that. If the helmets are not made of some biodegradable soy product, you can rest easy knowing that they'll fret more about that than you will.

The friendly opposition

The final picture below is to remind the Green Jobs folks of the three R's of conservation: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Looks like they could've done better reducing the number of pre-printed signs. Hopefully, they collected the ones that were used so that they might be reused at the next event.

Fertilizer for AstroTurf


MTT said...

I don't like seeing my money go to paying $250 to get into a Pelosi/Carnahan fundraiser. Don't you have better ways of spending the tea party donations?

dsm said...

$250!?! Are you kidding? Who wants the cheap seats when the front row is only $2400?

ilbcnu_at_teap_parties said...

Since the $$$ was spent, what were the results of having a conservative presence? Did someone get to speak? Did somebody make some in-roads or find out anything helpful?