Friday, October 16, 2009

Ed Martin raised $200k to Russ Carnahan's $160k (Bumped)

Ed Martin believes that Missourians Are Ready to Take Back Congress:
Together, we have raised more than $201,000 in our fight to take back the Third Congressional District. And every dollar has come from someone just like you, an individual who, despite these tough economic times, is voting with your wallet because your congressman isn't hearing your voice!
It's not that he isn't hearing it's that he isn't listening:

Ed's press release continues:
My friends, this is just the beginning! Russ Carnahan is a three-term incumbent with a full-time fund-raising machine. In the same time period, he has raised over $163,000 – almost all of that from special-interest groups and out-of-town pals with deep pockets. How deep? One Nancy Pelosi fund raiser in his honor last month netted the Carnahan campaign well over $90,000.
Ed had strong numbers this quarter, but with the recent revelations about Robin Carnahan's connections to ACORN and other dubious dealings in her office, he will need more to fight off the Carnahan machine.

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