Saturday, October 31, 2009

RINO Season Opens

Bill Hennessy New York 23: When a Nation Calls:
Before the polls open in upper New York on Tuesday morning, thousands of Tea Partiers from states as far away as California will have had an impact on what might otherwise have been an unnoticed special election. Local Tea Party Organizers across the country are overwhelmed by their people’s desire to help.
You can help Hoffman with a phone call or three. Chris Christie could use your help in his bid for the governorship of the Garden State.

When in doubt, vote 'em out!!!

UPDATE: Tea Partiers get results: Scozzafavva quits! No sooner do I blog this than the whole race changes. Hoffman will still need your support. Into the breach once more!!!

UPDATE 2: Gateway Pundit links. Thanks for link... and lunch! I've got video coverage from the St Louis Tea Party Dump Dede presser. Parents may be interested in my interview with St Louis area "As a Mom" co-leader Jacquelyn.

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