Friday, October 2, 2009

St Charles Tea Party

I attended the St Charles Tea Party Friday night. It's going to be a few days before I get the video posted. I know that there are a couple of holes in my coverage so I've asked the other Tea Party videographers to help me fill those. That said, you can see my real-time photo coverage on twitpic. I've been doing that for a lot of events recently. I guess that makes me a twitter photo journalist... Follow me on Twitter if you'd like to see more reporting like this.

I filmed this teaparty differently from previous events. This is the first time I had a camera setup for crowd reaction. Using two flip cameras gives you a lot of flexibility and this is just another example of that. During Paul Curtman's speech, I had all three cameras rolling: one on the crowd and two on Paul (one 720p and one 1080i). That's the first time I've done three cameras simultaneously. Two of them were on tripods.

Here are a few pictures that didn't make it into my twitter coverage:

Crowd Photos 30 Minutes before Start

Kevin Jackson signs book for a wheel-chair bound fan

FOX 2 Van
Cross Coverage:

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