Monday, July 30, 2012

Video: GOP Senate Candidate Hector Maldonado Stands with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The two part video above produced by ConservativeTVOnline features Hector Maldonado, a Republican candidate for US Senate in Missouri. Hector posted the videos on his campaign website with following message:
If there’s one guy I know who is not getting a fair shake from the MSM, it’s Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Please join me in lending him our support. Please take the time to watch these videos. In doing so, you will learn the truth. 
Thank you, 
Hector Maldonado
Maldonado took the time to travel to Arizona and interview Sheriff Joe about border control. The videos above clarify how the Federal government has targeted the Sheriff because of his efforts to enforce existing immigration laws. I find it commendable that a week out from his own primary, Maldonado took the time to solicit help for someone else.

While immigration issues are only a secondary consideration for me when deciding which candidate to vote for in Missouri's August 7th primary, I admire the leadership that Maldonado has shown here. It's consistent with what I've seen from him in the past.

To date, I've been disappointed with Sarah Steelman, Todd Akin, and John Brunner. None of them have shown the leadership Hector has evidenced. But does Hector have a chance? Could he really win in a week?

No doubt it would be hard; however, I believe he could pull out an upset victory. A recent Post Dispatch poll showed that almost 20% of the electorate was undecided about this race. With a late surge, this becomes a four-person free-for-all and the bar for victory drops to 25% or maybe 30%. In late June, Brunner was touting a  20 point lead over Akin and Steelman; however, that P-D poll shows him up over Steelman by only 5 points now.

Brunner is collapsing in the polls.

America has a lot of problems. One that does not get enough attention is the dearth of leadership in Congress. Perhaps its absence has caused us to forget what it looks like. Seeing an under-funded US Senate candidate like Maldonado exhibit poised yet polite steadfastness might just be the reminder that we need.

I plan to vote for Hector Maldonado on August 7th and I encourage you to do the same.


Jonah said...

Do you think that Maldonado can defeat McCaskill?

dsm said...



I think McCaskill is vulnerable. But each of the top three Republicans--all of whom lead her recent polling--has significant weaknesses that McCaskill will be able to exploit. Akin's earmarked his way through Congress while McCaskill has staunchly opposed earmarks. That will allow McCaskill to run to the right of Akin on fiscal issues (#facepalm). Brunner has demonstrated a tendency to blame others and I'm not just talking about the HFA donation he attributes to his daughter. He'll look weak and waffling to the electorate as Claire blasts him in TV ads about that and Vi-Jon's junk-bond credit rating. Steelman has no discernible public speaking ability--there will be gaffes, horrible, gut-wrenching gaffes--to say nothing of the fact that she's still hated by half the GOP for her race against Holshof.

I'm sure Maldonado has his faults, but, from what I've seen, the top three are much weaker. More to the point, Hector can excite the electorate in ways that none of the top three can. He's got a compelling story: Mexican descent, 9-11 responder, etc.

He'll get the job done. Marines always do.