Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dr. Randy Jotte Joins Forty-Two Physicians Running for Congress

Dr. Randy Jotte is an emergency room physician at Barnes here in St. Louis. He is one of forty-two doctors seeking election to Congress this year (see chart at right from Pediatric News). In ACA Angst Moves More Doctors onto the Ballot, the cover story of the current issue of Pediatric News, Dr. Jotte is interviewed about his bid to represent the people of Missouri's 2nd Congressional District. Here's an excerpt:
Emergency physician Randy Jotte wants to represent Mis· souri's 2nd congressional district. Dr. Jotte, also a Republican, said that he decided to run to address increasing demands on emergency physicians with limited reo sources. as well as fighting to reo peal the ACA.

The health reform law doesn't give physicians enough resources to handle a growing number of patients and increasing demand to improve quality and to lower costs. Dr. Jotte said, adding that as health reform took the national stage, the general public became more aware of the issues at stake, and now they're looking to those who understand the system to help shape it.

"People are much more cognizant of some of the needs and weaknesses in the health care systom .... They look to physicians, both the physicians that are in their offices as well as physicians in Congress and saying 'how can we do this better."

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