Sunday, July 29, 2012

Right to Pray will be on the August Ballot as Amendment 2

Ozarks First reports that an amendment to the Missouri Constitution is on the August 7th ballot. Amendment 2 would guarantee a right to pray in schools and public places in Missouri:
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri voters will decide in August whether students should have the right to pray voluntarily while at school. 
It's called the Constitutional Amendment Number 2 and it is right to express religious belief and not to be infringed upon. It's that school children have the right to pray in the school," states Bonnie Earl, Jasper County Clerk.
Brad Lager
Brad Lager
I first heard about this effort to protect religious freedom in an email from the Brad Lager campaign touting his support for the amendment:
SAVANNAH, MO—Today Brad Lager, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, announced his support for Amendment 2, which will appear on the August 7th primary ballot. Amendment 2 would bolster the following protections in Missouri’s Constitution and ensure:
  • That the right of Missouri citizens to express their religious beliefs shall not be infringed;
  • That school children have the right to pray and acknowledge God voluntarily in their schools; and
  • That all public schools shall display the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.
“Religious liberty is a founding and fundamental principle of our constitutional form of government,” said Lager. “Massive government programs, like Obamacare, are trampling on rights that have been afforded to our citizens since the founding of this great country. Amendment 2 reinforces the rights of Missourians to practice their faith, or not practice any faith, as they see fit. In the wake of Obamacare, it’s time Missourians make clear that we believe the Constitution means what it says. Regardless of which candidates you support in the primary, I hope you’ll join me in strengthening our rights to religious liberty by voting YES on Amendment 2.”

Brad Lager is a small business owner and job creator. In 2010, Lager was re-elected to represent the 12th Senatorial District in the Missouri General Assembly. Brad and his wife Stephanie reside near Savannah with their two children, Addison and Andrew. Lager is also a proud graduate of Northwest Missouri State University.
I'm not sure what I think of this amendment to the Missouri constitution. I certainly understand that conservative candidates like Lager and some 80 other candidates will support it out of political necessity, but I'm not convinced the amendment will accomplish anything. That said, you can review the language of the Amendment online to help you reach your own decision.

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