Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If Bain is so Evil, Why Did Claire McCaskill Take Their Money?

Yid with a Lid noticed that Democrats have racked up over a quarter of a million dollars from a company that they've demonized: Bain Capital. I've reproduced Yid's chart below and added red to Claire McCaskill's row so that it's easier to note that she's the fifth largest Democrat recipient of Bain Capital donations with $22,500. At only $5,050, it seems that Obama just isn't trying. Here's Yid's summary:
If you believe the Democratic Party, Bain Capital is nothing but a bunch of vampire capitalists. They outsource jobs to other countries, close steel mills and take lollypops from little babies.

According to Open Secrets, during the present election cycle these Democratic Party candidates took a total of $340,750 from Bain, its lobbyists and employees. Even the Obama re-election campaign took money from Bain Capital. So if the Democrats believe Bain is so evil, why are these candidates taking their money?

Note: The Barack Obama contributions are not from open secrets but directly from the FEC here and here.
Candidate  Bain Capital Donation
John Kerry $76,200
Michael F. Bennet $37,000
Mark Warner $32,700
Tim Kaine (Candidate For US Senate in Virginia) $30,000
Claire McCaskill $22,500
Jeanne Shaheen $17,100
Al Franken $15,000
Jack Reed $15,000
Jim Himes $15,000
Sheldon Whitehouse $11,800
Mark Udall $11,300
Nancy Pelosi $10,000
Joe Kennedy III (Candidate For Mass. District 4) $10,000
Richard Blumenthal $9,600
Christopher S. Murphy  $7,500
Andrei Cherny  (Candidate For Arizona District 9) $7,500
Barack Obama$5,050
David Cicilline$5,000
Niki Tsongas $2,500
Total  $340,750


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