Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brad Lager Earns A+ from NRA

There is no candidate running for Lieutenant Governor of Missouri with a higher rating from the NRA than the A+ that Brad Lager recently earned (see letter below). With recent endorsements from fiscal hawks like state Senators Jason Crowell, Jim Lebmke, Brian Nieves, and Rob Schaaf as well as a conservative stalwarts like Missouri Senate Ag Chairman Brian Munzlinger, this NRA rating helps to burnish Lager's reputation in what is expected to be a close primary fight.

Update: When I originally blogged this, I was unsure about the terms "NRA" and "NRA-PVF". I contacted Lorien Johnson, NRA's Campaign Field Representative in St. Louis, to clarify the ratings of both Brad Lager and Peter Kinder. She wrote back:
NRA and NRA-PVF are under the same umbrella of NRA. PVF is the Political Victory Fund, the arm which makes endorsements, sets rankings, etc.

Kinder and Lager both earned an A+ ranking. Kinder received the endorsement.

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