Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are Indiana Democrats Denying Ballot Access to Mmoja Ajabu?

Disciples of Christ minister and founder/leader of the Indianapolis New Black Panther Party (NBPP), Mmoja Ajabu, is having trouble winning ballot access for his independent campaign in Indiana's 7th Congressional District. If he's on the ballot in November, he'll face Democrat Andre Carson and Republican Carlos May. The Democrat party will fight for the right of the New Black Panthers to patrol polling places with batons, but when a New Black Panther wants to be on the ballot, where are they?

Ajabu's Campaign initially turned in about 4,700 signatures of which only 1,300 were certified. Ajabu gathered 4,430 more signatures; however, the Marion County Board of Voters Registration rejected all of them (see document below).

Ajabu's campaign performed their own review of the signatures using the Board's database. That review confirmed that 2,418 of the 4,430 signatures were valid for a 7th congressional district candidate.

Are Democrats working to prevent Ajabu from appearing on the November ballot? Since one of the signatures on the document below is from a Democrat Voters Registration board member, it certainly seems so.

Ajabu AR-M550N_20120717_115936

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