Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chris Koster's Mystery Donation from 2007

Hobbits Source Blog found an interesting donation to Missouri's Democrat Attorney General Chris Koster. In Chris Koster's Mystery Committee, Hobbits notes:
Koster for Leadership, a Missouri committee, contains just one transaction in the amount of $23,254.25 with no assigned (MEC) Committee ID#. Problem is who was the donor? Why is it that no committee ID# exists under (MEC)?
It's odd that a campaign committee would not have an MEC (Missouri Ethics Commission) committee number, but I couldn't find one or, indeed, any record of "Koster for Leadership" on the MEC website. Well, aside from what Hobbits found squirreled away on page 6 of Chris Koster's April 15th, 2007, filing for another campaign committee: Missourians for Koster. This is what you'll find there:

On January 2nd, 2007, Koster for Leadership gave $23,254.25 to Missourians for Koster. That's interesting because at that time, Chris Koster was a Republican, and InfluenceExplorer shows that as a Democrat donation:

In August of 2007, Chris Koster left the Republican party to run as a Democrat for AG.

Is InfluenceExplorer reporting the current party of the recipient of the donation, the party of the recipient at the time of the donation, the party affiliation of the campaign committee, or what?

There's also the lack of transparency with this "mystery committee". Because there does not appear to be a record of it at the MEC website, there's no way to figure out who donated to this committee. Knowing who the donors were would provide insight about the political leanings of Koster for Leadership. That would tell us whether or not Republican money later fueled Koster's Democrat campaign or whether Koster received Democrat money before abandoning the Republican party. There's something not right here.

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