Friday, July 13, 2012

Ed Martin will Defend Missouri Agriculture from Regulatory Overreach

Ed Martin explains that a farmer in Southwest Missouri was targeted by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster for regulatory violations. Martin contends that this regulatory overreach costs Missouri and is a distraction when there are greater issues facing the state like healthcare and jobs.

Koster's overreach also drew a rebuke from The Cavalry Group. In an email sent to its subscribers earlier this week, The Cavalry Group wrote in part:
Attorney General Chris Koster must go!

In a campaign message distributed today, Attorney General, Chris Koster refers to Missouri as the "puppy mill capital of the nation."


It should come as no surprise that HSUS has praised Attorney General, Chris Koster for his support on a number of HSUS-driven issues!...

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freespeak said...

And this is the kind of madness that has to end!