Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tea Partier and State Rep Paul Curtman's June 30th Money Bomb

Missouri State Representative Paul Curtman (R-Pacific) gained national prominence almost two years ago with the short speech featured above. He delivered that speech at one of Senator Claire McCaskill's (D-MO) healthcare townhalls. He leveraged the fame that he gained that evening as well as his innate speaking ability to run for state rep as a Republican in a Democrat leaning district. Leading up to his victory last November, I put together the following promo video:

June 30th is the end of the fund raising quarter. As a result, Curtman sent out a request for donations. Here are some highlights from that request:
In 2010 you helped me send a message to the establishment: “You can recruit your liberals to run for office, but you cannot defeat the message of Liberty.” My district was the proving ground for grassroots support. You helped me defeat a deeply entrenched liberal incumbent who also happened to be a paid organizer for SEIU in a district where 56% of the voters identify with Democrats. You didn’t just help a little either; you helped me gather 57% of the votes!
You can help this campaign really take off now with a contribution, I'd certainly appreciate it. Please click here to make a generous contribution of $20.12, $35, $50, $100, $25 - or whatever you can afford.

Remember, on June 30th I must close the books on the current reporting period and tell the MEC (and thus every liberal in Missouri) exactly how much support Paul Curtman has.
I want to send a shockwave through the establishment and insiders, and this will be a big part of it.

For Liberty,
Paul Curtman

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