Sunday, June 5, 2011

Libya and the War Powers Act 'Sign of the apocalypse': Kucinich's Libya bill gets GOP support:

That was the case Friday as the House debated how to respond, belatedly, to President Obama’s military intervention in Libya. Kucinich’s resolution, which would mandate an immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces absent congressional authorization, failed by a wide margin, 265-148, but it garnered votes from more than one-third of the Republican conference. Eighty-seven Republicans voted for the measure compared to 61 Democrats.

How about a resolution from Congress reaffirming every troop's obligation to disregard illegal orders and defining orders given counter to the provisions of the War Powers Act as being illegal?

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Anonymous said...

Man! This is unbelievable. It IS time for the military to be activists for the Constitution,and the country they swear to defend!