Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Your Tax Dollars at Work!

USA Today reports on the growing number of federal workers earning more than $150,000: "The number of federal workers earning $150,000 or more a year has soared tenfold in the past five years and doubled since President Obama took office, a USA TODAY analysis finds." So more government employees are making more money while unemployment across the US remains at 9.6%. Given that unemployment in DC is at 6%, it's hard for me to see how a government shutdown would be unpopular.

I increasingly believe that we should model government pay on the system used aboard pirate ships.


chris said...

This article is complete bunk. This article makes no mention of civilians deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq. It also fails to mention that around %95 of all federal employees are under the GS pay scale. Google "GS Pay Scale" and you can view the rates there. A GS15-10 is the highest rate and that is about $120,000 a year. The article is complete hype devoid of any real information.

dsm said...


Ok. So, um, what part of: "The following is a BASE pay scale. All U.S. locations (including Hawaii and Alaska) receive additional pay adjustments above the base pay ranging from 14.16% to 35.15%." do you not understand?

And you're a deceptive ass to boot. "A GS15-10 is the highest rate and that is about $120,000 a year." No, the base is exactly: $483 dollars shy of $130k. Add at least an additional 14% and you're north of $147k.

Dude, get a clue!

chris said...

Nice. I like how you can't even follow your own rules for comments.

"Keep it clean and constructive. I reserve the right to delete comments that are profane, off topic, ad hominem, or spam."

I also like how in today's posting you scolding Glen Reynolds and Mickey Kaus for not mentioning the Cost of Living Adjustments for federal workers.

I apologize if I was off by less than 1% in my off-the-top-of-my-head statement of what the rate is for a GS-15. I didn't get into the COLAs since one can bend them any way they want.

As someone who works for the DoD I can assure you that I am FAR below that level. Their salary amount is not something I think of daily. I'd also like to add that a GS-15 in my branch of the DoD is the highest ranking civilian in our organization. He's comparable to a VP of a Construction Contractor that places over a billion dollars in construction a year. $147k/yr (with COLA added in) for someone at this level is virtually unattainable in the private sector.

So I got a clue. You are a hack.