Friday, November 12, 2010

Greenspan Warns of Weaker Dollar

The Financial Times is reporting that Alan Greenspan has warned about a weaker dollar:
Mr Greenspan argues that with China also holding down the renminbi, the upward pressure on currencies elsewhere risks a return to widespread trade protectionism. Mr Greenspan criticises China for continuing to prevent the renminbi strengthening, saying it reflects a misguided view that a weak currency is necessary for export growth and political stability. “China has become a major global economic force in recent years,” he writes. “But it has not yet chosen to take on the shared global obligations that its economic status requires.” More unexpectedly, Mr Greenspan adds: “America is also pursuing a policy of currency weakening.

Mr Greenspan does not specify which agency in the US system is implementing policies to weaken the dollar"
Ah, our old friend, quantitative easing again...

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