Friday, November 19, 2010

2,000+ Human Fetuses Found in Buddhist Temple

NY Daily News is reporting that more than 2,000 human fetuses were found in a Buddhist temple in Thailand:
More than 2,000 human fetuses have been found in a Buddhist temple in Thailand after police raided the house of worship this week.

Authorities had originally discovered 348 fetuses wrapped in plastic bags and newspapers on Tuesday, when disturbing odors alerted them to the Wat Phai Ngern temple in Bangkok. That number skyrocketed after a more exhaustive search of the temple's morgue uncovered hundreds more stored in vaults, The Associated Press reported.
 The temple workers who collected the fetuses from area clinics were paid about $16 per fetus. The BBC elaborates on Thai abortion law:
Abortion is illegal in Thailand unless pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or a mother's health is at risk.

Police say they have begun raiding some of the 4,000 clinics in Bangkok they suspect are used to perform illegal abortions.

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