Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ex-con Jeff Smith Encourages Russ Carnahan to Tell the Truth

Jeff Smith missed this year's political season because he was spending time in jail for lying to the FEC. Smith lost a primary challenge to Russ Carnahan in 2004 and lied in response to an FEC complaint filed by Carnahan. After leaving jail, Smith offered some advice to Carnahan: Tell the truth:
In a touch of irony, Smith offered some advice for his one-time opponent, who now faces a Federal Election Commission complaint filed by [Ed] Martin that his campaign improperly coordinated a late-campaign attack against the Republican on a Web site run by former Carnahan staffers.

The allegations are similar to what Smith originally faced in an FEC complaint that had been filed by Carnahan against him.

'Several people forwarded to me the articles when it came out -- given the connection between the allegations this year and on the 2004 campaign,' Smith said. 'I don't have any knowledge about what happened. But I would encourage anybody responding to an FEC complaint to do so wholly and honestly.'
 I blogged about Carnahan's late hit on Ed Martin about a week before the election.

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