Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Censoring Rush

Radio Equalizer reports on Al Sharpen's call for the FCC to censor Rush Limbaugh:
With Democrats holding a majority on the FCC's board, lefties are salivating over a post-election opportunity to quietly impose a crackdown on free speech in talk radio. There's little risk in approving a rule change during the holidays when few are paying attention and it can no longer be raised as a campaign issue.

Brazenly suggesting that Rush Limbaugh personally be targeted, the Reverend Al Sharpton is most certainly on board with this idea.
When Ted Rall called for armed rebellion and a second civil war, did Al ask for him to be censored? When The Won told his minions to hit back twice as hard, did Al decry the violent rhetoric? When the New Black Panthers brandished weapons at a polling place in 2008, did Al seek remedies for the voters that had been disenfranchised? Having lost in the arena of ideas, Al and the left have nothing but violence as a means of spreading their message.

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