Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turning Against Big Government

The Telegraph notes that the West is turning against big government - but what comes next?:
On this side of the Atlantic, there is now a broad understanding that the social democratic project itself is unsustainable: that it has grown wildly beyond the principles of its inception and that the consequences of this are not only unaffordable, but positively damaging to national life and character. The US, bizarrely, is running at least 10 years behind in this process, having elected a government which chose to embark on the social democratic experiment at precisely the moment when its Western European inventors were despairing of it, and desperately trying to find politically palatable ways of winding it down.

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Jim said...

The comment I propose to post is to the White House email address word for word on the above reversal of roles across the Atlantic. Obama is a bit late to the revolution having fallen asleep in Kenya and awoken to tired, worn out ideas. If he was only half as smart as he thinks he is thats still not enough. Don't you just love to hear him babble on about its communication, not repudiation. Lets send him back to Kenya in a loin cloth floating in a inner tube.