Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Tea Party Treaty

Trust, but verify. — Ronald Reagan

This past Monday I accompanied a representative of the St. Louis Tea Party as he delivered The Tea Party Pledge (since renamed "Treaty") to the offices of two Show Me State congressional candidates. The candidates were asked to return the signed treaty by today (Friday, 9/24/2010). The St Louis Tea Party decided to change the name from "Tea Party Pledge" to "Tea Party Treaty" because that word choice is more inline with the phrasing of our Founding Fathers. It also better reflects the document's purpose.

I've been asked not to reveal the contents of the Treaty before it is officially rolled out. I can let you know that this treaty is being circulated among Tea Party groups in Missouri. We plan to ask all Congressional candidates in our state to sign it.

Republicans may see the Tea Party Treaty as a reaction to the GOP's Pledge. All I can say is that 1) I wasn't involved in the GOP Pledge (nor did I really care what sweet nothings the Republicans were whispering to the rubes) and 2) the ball was moving on the Tea Party Treaty before the Republican's Pledge finally deformed a table under its Obamacare-length heft. The Republicans have claimed responsibility with their Pledge and its Republicans that will judge them on whether or not they deliver. That's asking for a lot of Trust.

The Tea Party will hold to account each candidate that chooses to sign the Treaty. The Tea Party will Verify.

The St Louis Tea Party's Tea Party Treaty will be released to the media Saturday during the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Homecoming at Victory Center Headquarters (4512 Hampton Avenue).

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