Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mark Levin's Rousing Call To Arms

Dan Riehl draws attention to Mark Levin's Rousing Call To Arms For The Tea Party Movement:
Government is necessary. But just as people must be governed, so must government be governed. A government not governed, or held accountable, by the people, ceases to be an advantage to its people, becoming, instead, a tyranny, however soft, that rules their lives.

From the time of our founding, the lives of Americans were not intended to be ruled by government, but facilitated because of America's inherent investment in individual liberty and freedom. If there is to be a re-birth of sorts, surely it's the principles of personal liberty and freedom that must be at its core.

That's what, as Mark addresses, the original Tea Party was meant to convey to an unbridled state. And also, as pointed out, it's once again time to convey a message that, now, can only be delivered via the ballot box in the fall. But to do it, we must keep fighting. And we can not abandon the political battlefield at such a crucial time in American history.
With the last national Tea Party rapidly approaching on September 12th, now is the time to steal your resolve before the November election. Listen to Mark Levin. Come down to the Arch on 9/12. And march off invigorated to the fall campaign and the cause of liberty.


Ian Thomas Hardin, Esq. said...

I would whole-heartedly recommend Mark's book "Liberty & Tyranny." I found it very inspiring and insightful-especially in the context of the polarizing illegal immigration debate.

Ian Thomas Hardin

dsm said...

@Ian Thomas Hardin,

Thanks for the great book recommendation! Here's the link to it on Amazon: Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto