Monday, September 13, 2010

Photos from 9-12 Recycle Government Rally Under the Arch

I took the pictures above, but lots of other photographers were at Sunday's rally under the Arch sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots. stlcyclist sent in these photos:

I met first time Tea Party attendee Greg before the event and he sent along these photos:

The following pictures were sent in by Doug of Leaning to Starboard:

Those are just a small sampling of the photographs from the event. Also checkout the always awesome work of Keyboard Militia. Dana Loesch has a great selection of pictures, too. Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, has a great writeup with accompanying photos. He puts the attendance at 14,000. I think that's possible. Due to the length of the event and the intensity of the sun all afternoon, it really wasn't practical for people to stay for the whole thing. I have video of the crowd that shows that the steps were filled during Dick Morris's speech and that the crowd extended back under the trees on either side of the steps.

Bob McCarty has several posts with video including an announcement from Ed Martin (R-MO) about a radio "debate" with Russ Carnahan (D-MO). Sharp's got clips of the Tea Party crashers and the Sounding Fathers.


Update: RR sent in some pictures, too:

20100912 St Louis Tea Party

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rons corner said...

Thanks for the pics from #912STL! I was there and even found a pic of myself in the pics from Gregg. LoL

It was my first TeaParty, and surely not the last.