Friday, September 3, 2010

September 12th under the Arch

The last national Tea Party before the November election will be held on 9/12 in three cities: Washington, DC; St. Louis, MO; and Sacramento, CA. Details about each are at If you're traveling to St. Louis for this event, I look forward to seeing you under the Arch at high noon. Hotel information is available on the St. Louis page at

Update: Welcome GatewayPunditeers! Bob McCarty's got some videos to help remind us all of the importance of this 9-12 Tea Party. Bill Hennessy explains the importance of coming to St. Louis if you can't make it to the beach (DC or Sacramento) next Sunday: "I’m hearing from groups in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and many from Illinois and Kansas who CANNOT WAIT for the 9-12 "Gateway to November" Tea Party in St. Louis." The rally under the Arch will be huge. Be there!

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