Thursday, September 2, 2010

Instapundit Compares a Marxist Utopia to a Plantation

Glenn Reynolds compares Cuba, a Marxist utopia, to a plantation of the Old South:
...if you look at a Marxist Utopia — say, Cuba — what you’ll see is basically a plantation. At the top, you’ve got the Massa and his family — Fidel, Raul, et al. — followed by various layers of overseers — the Communist Party apparat, the secret police — and House Negroes — e.g., the state-controlled media — all living off the surplus labor of the Field Negroes, whose produce is disposed of not according to their own desires (that would be capitalism!) but according to their betters’. This, we’re told, is for the best, since they aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions anyway, and the Massa looks after them with food, housing, and health care. Slaveholders even defended their system as more humane and less exploitative than atomistic capitalism, conveniently ignoring the role of the lash, just as apologists for Marxism conveniently ignore the role of the gulag.
A marketing suggestion for our leftie friends: Communism: it's the new slavery!

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Anonymous said...

The best analogy for the Stalinist economic system I've ever heard.