Friday, August 31, 2012

Conservative Candidates Who Need Your Support (#INSen #OHSen #CTSen #MDSen)

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection recommended donating to Mia Love (running for Congress in Utah), Dan Bongino (running for US Senate in Maryland), and Barry Hinckley (running for US Senate in Rhode Island). I took his advice; however, I chose a different slate of conservatives to support. I chose the four candidates running for US Senate pictured above. From the left, they are: Richard Mourdock, Josh Mandel, Linda McMahon, and Dan Bongino.

I've covered Richard Mourdock extensively on this blog. Rasmussen has him in a statistical tie with liberal Democrat Joe Donnelly in Indiana's US Senate race.

Josh Mandel is running against incumbent leftist Sherrod Brown in Ohio. Rasmussen's latest poll has them tied at 44.

Linda McMahon is running against liberal Democrat Chris Murphy in Connecticut. Rasmussen has them in a statistical tie, McMahon 49 to Murphy 46.

Dan Bongino is running against liberal Democrat Ben Cardin. Rasmussen hasn't polled the race. In 2006, a Democrat year, Cardin beat Michael Steele by ten points. Bongino obviously has an uphill battle, so he needs your support. Here's a great video he released earlier this week:

Other candidates to consider donating to:
  • Ted Cruz: Rock-solid Tea Party conservative running in the Lone Star State.
  • Todd Akin: The premiere anti-establishment candidate running here in the Show Me State.
  • Scott Brown: Better than the alternative up there in the Bay State.
  • Denny Rehberg: In a close race against liberal Jon Tester in Big Sky Country.
  • George Allen: Is in a close race against liberal Tim Kaine in the Old Dominion.

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