Friday, August 24, 2012

#MOSen: FBI Investigating Threats against Todd Akin

Todd Akin
Todd Akin (Photo credit: dsm012)
Firstpost: FBI probes ‘rape threats’ to Akin and family:
“I can verify that the Capitol Police and the FBI are working together to investigate threats made against Congressman Akin, his staff and family,” Steve Taylor, Akin’s district director and spokesman, told Reuters by telephone. 
“There have been threats of rape of staff, (of) the congressman’s family and the congressman himself, and suggestions that people should die,” he said.
I've seen a couple of horrendous comments on my YouTube channel as well. The following two were left on my video of Todd Akin's press conference where he announced his candidacy for US Senate:

I'm sure that YouTube comments are not at the same level as what the FBI and Capitol Police are investigating, but they are a measure of the hatred that's been directed at Akin. This gets to the point of my last post. In that post I argued that we need to re-frame the abortion debate to ground it in broadly held American principals.

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