Friday, August 3, 2012

Video: Jo Ann Emerson Thanks Obama for Obamacare

From the YouTube description:
16 Year Entrenched Incumbent Jo Ann Emerson has one of the worst Conservative Voting Records in the House. In addition to her support of Free Trade Deals, Voting For Every Bailout she admits here in this clip that a National Health Care Plan is something she's wanted her whole 13 years (now 16) in the House.
Mrs. Emerson States Clearly here that "....we all need to Give a little" when it comes to getting something passed on Health Care.

Is this the Person you Trust to Fight ObamaCare for you?

There is a choice Missouri but you have to vote in the Primary Election on

August 7th 2012

Visit Bob Parkers Website and see where he Stands on the Issues. Bob will take the Conservative Fight to Washington DC.

Do Your Own Research and Vote Your Conscience on August 8th
Emerson has the lowest HeritageAction score of any Missouri Republican and falls on the Democrat side of 50% mark with her embarrassing 46%. If you're a Republican in Missouri's 8th CD, Bob Parker needs your vote next Tuesday.

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