Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sarah Palin is Coming to Missouri to Support Sarah Steelman

I just received the following press release from Republican candidate for US Senate, Sarah Steelman:
Steelman Surge BBQ and Picnic with Governor Sarah Palin

Kansas City, MO - Governor Sarah Palin will be coming into the Show-Me State to help Sarah Steelman finish the final days of the primary with a “Steelman Surge” BBQ and Picnic.

Steelman, who received the endorsement of Governor Palin on July 17th will show Governor Palin just how much the Show-Me state is ready to get rid of the status quo. “I am so grateful to have Governor Palin’s support and very excited to say she will be coming into Missouri to participate in this BBQ. I know she will excite folks to come out and take a strong stand against the status quo. I thank Governor Palin for conservative leadership she always shows and I want to thank each and every individual for the help they have given to me over the course of this campaign,” said Steelman, “The Steelman Surge is underway and I invite everyone to attend this event and help to continue our tidal wave of momentum.”

The BBQ is set to start at on Friday August 3 at 6:00pm and will be held at The Berry Patch, a “you pick” blueberry farm just south of Kansas City. Steelman and Palin will be serving the food as a way of saying thank you for all the support and encouraging people to get out and vote. Accompanied with the food will be refreshments, live music and several other local candidates.

“This is a way of saying thank you for all the folks who have been supportive of me and also to remind them that this battle isn’t over, we have to buckle down for the finish,” Steelman concluded.

Event Details:

Steelman Surge BBQ and Picnic on Friday August 3 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
Gates Open at 5:00 pm. Food and Entertainment start at 6:00
The Berry Patch
22509 State Line Rd. Cleveland, MO 64734
I assume that John Brunner and Todd Akin will be meeting at a St. Louis area bar to cry into their beers.

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