Friday, August 17, 2012

Jobs: The Reason to Vote for Dave Spence

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The image above captures the ineptness of the Obama administration perfectly. It also frames the top issue of the 2012 election cycle--it's the jobs, stupid--and the news on that front continues to grow worse for Democrats. The jobs data is so bad that it may well swamp down ballot candidates like liberal Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO).

At The Corner, Ramesh Ponnuru notes the correlation between states with Democrat governors and higher unemployment:
It turns out that the population-weighted average unemployment rate in states with Republican governors is 7.6 percent. The number for states with Democratic governors is [sic] 8.8. In other words, blue America (defined in terms of governors) has a higher unemployment rate than red America. Make of that what you will.
Yesterday, Brian Hook of Missouri Journal reported that the Show Me State was fifth in the nation for weekly jobloss claims: "Only four other states had a larger increase than Missouri in weekly unemployment claims."

Today, Hook crunched the numbers for the states in the region and discovered that employment in Missouri lags every bordering state:
The labor force in Missouri dropped by more workers in a year than in any neighboring state. 
Between last year in July and last month, the civilian labor force across the state dropped by 41,000 jobs, according to new data released on Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The largest losses among the eight states bordering Missouri came in Tennessee which lost 19,600 jobs--less than half of the 41,000 recently unemployed in Missouri.

In November, voters will decide whether they want to continue the abysmal jobs performance that has prevailed under Governor Jay Nixon or whether they want a businessman and entrepreneur to take the reigns of Missouri government and put the Show Me State back to work. Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence has recent, relevant experience creating jobs in the private sector. Nixon hasn't worked in the private sector in twenty years. The choice seems obvious.

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