Saturday, August 25, 2012

#MOSen: Todd Akin--In for the Win

Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), the Republican nominee for US Senate from Missouri, held a press conference Friday afternoon to reaffirm his commitment to winning his bid to unseat liberal Democrat Claire McCaskill. Akin took five questions from the gathered reporters.


Gravelyvoice Jim said...

The Akins are fast becoming publicly insufferable. Why call this pointless press conference? To call for McCaskill to step down? Akin could have gone on any talk show in the area and done the same thing. Apparently now he has decided to avoid any and all interviews, even on conservative shows; now THAT is a winning strategy.

True, what the GOP powers on high are doing is inexcusable, circling like vultures flying over a wounded animal. But Akin's amateurish "5 minutes of glory" here only gives credence to the vultures' assertion that Akin's poor judgement will eventually lead to his demise. Why should the national organizations put millions of dollars of precious campaign resources at the disposal of this poorly run mom-and-pop state-wide campaign when this same money can be used to help other more organized campaigns across the country?

I also have to wonder how much money HUCKPAC is sending to Akin's campaign. Is Huckabee putting his money where his mouth is, or merely using Todd as a hapless back-door agent to continue his feud with the Romney campaign from 2008? I don't know if Huckabee is sending money to Akin's sinkhole of a campaign, but MONEY talks and B.S. WALKS. If Huckabee is an honest supporter he will help fund this disastrous campaign to the bitter end, otherwise Huck is acting like mere Arkansas rabble slicked up in a New York studio.

It appears to me that Akin is somewhat being used by the people who are egging him on to "stand on principle" to help make THEIR point. There is nothing wrong with people doing that so long as they too are willing to invest their TIME AND MONEY - AND LOT'S OF BOTH - and I just don't get the impression that that is happening here. Since Akin has dug himself into a hole and refuses to stop digging, for him to even have a chance to win it's going to take FAR, FAR more from his "supporters" than posting words of support on blogs and email threads, promises to vote for him, $3 internet donations, and a little weekend activism handing out flyers and making phone calls - "time permitting", of course. This HAS to be consuming every waking minute in the lives of the Akin family and unless people outside his family are likewise willing to invest 100% of their time and fortunes to his cause, their cheers and shout-outs of support should ring hollow to the Akins.

It's time for Todd's closest TRUE friends to council him to knock off this costly charade of a campaign, step down, and start working with the growing group of non-supporters of his who are just as appalled at the opportunistic behavior of the GOP and start putting pressure the MOGOP to appoint a replacement on the ticket who is not a member of their inner sanctum; someone who actually GOT VOTES IN THE PRIMARY and has a chance to defeat McCaskill. Now THAT would be an admirable act of selfless principled leadership by Akin. Either John Brunner or Sarah Steelman would be an excellent choice for a replacement at this point. Both ran in the primary on anti-establishment themes and received votes from Missourians in August. Although the "sore loser" law prohibits either of them from running as a write-in AGAINST Akin, I haven't seen anything in the statutes preventing one of them from being named as a REPLACEMENT.

freespeak said...

It's time to move on.
I did not vote for him, but he is better than the GOP's alternative (!!!!!!!).
I forgave him day >>**no.1**<<...matter of fact, there was no forgiveness required from me.
We need a list of the Progressive /Obama gaffes to compare this to.
That would bring many more back to Akin...
And McCaskill cannot hide her heart behind this temporary lift.