Saturday, September 1, 2012

Video: ReasonTV's Nanny of the Month for August 2012

ReasonTV: Stimulus Money Used to Support Soda Taxes:
Our nation's nannies have turned up the heat this summer. 
August's slate of control freaks includes the silver state statists who might fine you 2,000 bucks for the crime of teaching someone how to apply makeup, and the Phoenix code enforcer who busted a woman for handing out free water in 112-degree heat (!) because she didn't have a license. 
Yet neither could managed to muster the the meddling of this month's top pick. Using federal taxpayers' dough (we're talking stimulus and Obamacare cash) to implement local-level soda taxes and other nanny state laws certainly violates good taste, but the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General thinks it might also violate federal anti-lobbying provisions. 

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