Sunday, September 2, 2012

#MOSen: Mike Huckabee Denounces Karl Rove

Mike Huckabee has denounced Karl Rove's appalling murder joke about Todd Akin:
Hopefully, we will all play by the same set of rules. Todd erred, apologized, and we need to help him win, not convince ourselves he can’t. Karl erred, apologized, and we need to treat him in the way we want Todd Akin to be treated. If Todd is continued to be alienated and Karl doesn’t suffer the same fate, then I will encourage all the activists I can to spend all their time, money, and effort in Missouri. If the party doesn’t want us, then I guess they don’t need us. Akin will. Janet and I are sending him the maximum we can under federal law.
Yesterday, Phyllis Schlafly called for Rove to step down.


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