Thursday, September 13, 2012

#TeaParty: Greg Fettig Explains How Indiana Replaced Dick Lugar with Conservative Richard Mourdock

Greg Fettig co-founded Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate with Monica Boyer. Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate mobilized grassroots activists across Indiana with the goal of unseating incumbent establishment Republican Dick Lugar in the primary for US Senate and electing a conservative to replace him. Richard Mourdock defeated Lugar in Indiana's May 8th primary.

In this video, Fettig talks about how he and Boyer mobilized Indiana for the effort. He explains the hurdles they encountered along the way and how they overcame them. He lays out the strategy that grassroots activists followed in Indiana. He and Monica Boyer recognized the difficulty of organizing disparate grassroots groups across a large state.

To do so effectively, they set a single goal (defeat Lugar) and agreed to a caucus process by which the groups around the state would endorse one candidate.

Fettig has written a book, Tea Party on Safari, about what he, Boyer, and Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate accomplished in Indiana.

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