Monday, September 10, 2012

#MOSen: Claire McCaskill Invites President Obama to Campaign for her in the Show Me State

20 Pounds of Headlines: McCaskill Invites Obama to Campaign for Her in Missouri:
“I’ve asked him to [campaign for her in Missouri],” McCaskill said, according to local radio station KMOX. “They have made a decision so far in the campaign to focus on those states they won last time. But certainly I would welcome him here to campaign.” 
The Missouri senator’s comments came a day after the last day of the Democratic National Convention, which McCaskill did not attend. McCaskill stressed that her absence from the nominating convention was not about distancing herself from the president while she’s in a close race.
As the video above from 24thState makes clear, distancing herself from President Obama really isn't possible. Inviting him to campaign here after turning down the invitation to his big party... now that takes chutzpah.


Gravelyvoice Jim said...

#50, "...right for Missouri...":


freespeak said...

lol...there ya go....
There certainly are plenty of airheads.