Wednesday, September 5, 2012

McCaskill, Donnelly Abandon Democrat Convention (#MOSen #INSen)

It was back in June that the Washington Post reported that liberal Democrat Claire McCaskill would not go to the Democrat convention now underway in Charlotte, NC:
The news that Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has decided to skip her party’s national convention in Charlotte this fall drew national headlines and sparked a series of stories about who else isn’t going to the party’s quadrennial gathering.
Among the who's who of Democrat Senate candidates not attending the convention is none other than Indiana's Joe Donnelly according to Jim Shella of WishTV: Donnelly dodges Dems' convention:
The 2012 Democratic National Convention is Barack Obama's convention and the president is a big issue in the Senate race between Democrat Joe Donnelly and Republican Richard Mourdock. If you're Donnelly, there may be no better way to create distance between Obama and yourself than to stay home.
Both candidates are encumbered by Obama who remains unpopular in both states. As a result they're taking steps to distance themselves from him.

There are other Democrats staying away from their convention, too. NBC News listed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as several other US Senate candidates: Joe Manchin (D-WV), Jon Tester (D-MT), and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND). NBC also noted that McCaskill got a presidential permission slip: "McCaskill told reporters that Obama approved of her plan to stay in Missouri."


Zotta's Perspective said...

Let's not forget, it was air Claire McCaskill who lobbied against the convention coming to Missouri.

dsm said...

Great catch Zotta! She denied that to The Hill, but we all know better.