Sunday, September 23, 2012

Video: End the Fed Rally

Lloyd Sloan was one of the speakers at Saturday's End the Fed Rally in downtown St. Louis. From the YouTube description:
St. Louis, Missouri - Jeffersonian Whig Lloyd Sloan gives a speech on ending the Fed at the Federal Reserve downtown.

The Federal Reserve is at the heart of U.S. economic problems. They are responsible for the debasement of our currency, a large part of the economic collapse of 2008, manipulating markets, and extreme corruption making secret decisions to reward the few at the expense of you and me.

80% of the American people support auditing the Fed. Mitt Romney is CLUELESS - and Barack Obama's worst nightmare would be having to VETO an audit the fed bill!

The constitutional issue here in the United States goes all the way back to George Washington where Thomas Jefferson opposed the formation of a national bank on the grounds it was unconstitutional. That issue remained strong all the way up through Andrew Jackson. This issue of a central bank, of paper money, and inflation is as old as the country itself. And the progressives have won... until recently.

The Audit The Fed bill passed in the House of Representatives 3 to 1 and now it's in the Senate and they're trying to block a vote on it as we speak.

We can wait on Congress to get their act together, but there is a better way. A way that allows the people of the United States to have a direct influence over what laws are good and what ones should be struck down when our representatives don't want to act. It's called Madison's Lost Amendment and Lloyd talks about it in this video starting at around 11:11

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Gravelyvoice Jim said...

Maybe he missed it during the Republican convention, but I'm not sure why Lloyd stated "...not one mention of the fed..." during the Republican convention. Page 10 of their platform talks specifically about auditing the Fed, something Lloyd himself admits would eventually end it. Admittedly I didn't see all of the speeches so "mention" could be referring talking about it then, but the reference to the audit IS documented in the Republican platform and was mentioned by most major networks at the time:

Because the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy actions affect both inflation and economic activity,those actions should be transparent. Moreover,the Fed’s important role as a lender of last resortshould also be carried out in a more transparentmanner. A free society demands that the sun shineon all elements of government. Therefore, the Repub-lican Party will work to advance substantive legisla-tion that brings transparency and accountability tothe Federal Reserve, the Federal Open Market Com-mittee, and the Fed’s dealings with foreign central banks. The first step to increasing transparency andaccountability is through an annual audit of theFederal Reserve’s activities.