Saturday, May 28, 2011

Video: MO Gov. Jay Nixon Joplin like a "Battlefield"

Missouri News Horizon: Nixon: Joplin like a 'battlefield':

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Governor Jay Nixon says standing amidst the ruins of the south end of the city of Joplin is like “standing on the hallowed ground of a battlefield.” Nixon returned to Jefferson City Friday for the first time since arriving on the scene of the tornado in Joplin late Sunday evening. Nixon tells a hastily arranged news conference in his office that he has “been awed by the work of the first responders who have come from all over the midwest”. The governor announced that President Obama would attend a memorial service at the Taylor Performing Arts Center on the Missouri Southern State University campus Sunday at 2 pm. The governor also said that 90 people on the official missing persons list had been accounted for, six of them had been confirmed dead, but as of early this morning, another 22 people had been added to that list for a total of 156 people still accounted for.

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