Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ann Wagner Launches Campaign for U.S. Congress

Press Release: Ann Wagner Launches Campaign for U.S. Congress:

St. Louis - Ann Wagner today announced she is running for U.S. Congress to serve her home district – Missouri's Second Congressional District. The news immediately followed Congressman Todd Akin’s announcement that he is running for U.S. Senate and will not seek another term in the U.S. House.

“Today I am making it official. I am a candidate for Congress from my hometown. I have been traveling the district and listening to the people in our district about the strong, effective, conservative leadership we need in the Congress,” Wagner said. “The encouragement and enthusiasm I’ve received to run for Congress has been overwhelming.

“Like many families in our area, I am scared for the future of our country and our children and grandchildren. Our country, our families and our freedoms are being threatened by a failed leadership in Washington that is dragging us down a path of ruin. I've said 'enough is enough.'”

Wagner said job creation, economic growth, ending out-of-control spending and supporting a strong national defense will be central to her campaign. She noted that the district has been hit hard with job seekers facing an unemployment rate of almost 9 percent in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties alone. In those same two counties, more than 60,000 Missourians remain unemployed.

“The Second Congressional District is the place where my husband Ray and I grew up, went to school, raised our children, work and go to church,” Wagner said. “It is the community that has given me extraordinary opportunities to make a difference. And it is the place where I believe I can effectively represent with conservative leadership and values.”

With over 20 years in the private sector, public service and politics, Ann Wagner’s career is deep in service to her community, state and nation. Wagner served as chairman of U.S. Senator Roy Blunt’s successful U.S. Senate campaign. She represented the United States for over four years as U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg. Previously, Wagner was Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee and Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party.

Wagner’s public service began at the grassroots level. She served for nine years as a local committeewoman in Lafayette Township. In the private sector, she held management positions at Hallmark Cards and Ralston Purina.

To learn more about Ann Wagner's campaign go to AnnWagner.com, follow her on Twitter and connect with her on Facebook.


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