Thursday, May 26, 2011

Did a Key Jewish Democrat Donor Abandon Obama Over Treatment of Israel?



Commentary Magazine: Key Jewish Donor Breaks With Obama:

“I’m very perplexed as to why the president, who’s been to Cairo, to Saudi Arabia, to Turkey, has not made a stop in Israel and spoken to the Israeli people,” [Haim Saban said]. “I believe that the president can clarify to the Israeli people what his positions are on Israel and calm them down. Because they are not calm right now.”

However, the view from JTA casts doubt on the premise of that story: Haim Saban can’t ‘break’ what he never forged:

...Saban and Obama never were an item. Saban did everything he could to push Hillary Rodham Clinton past the post in 2008. He hasn't had a change of heart since then. As far as I can make out from Open Secrets, the man never supported Obama, period.

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