Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Video: Competition between Apple's iPhone, iPad and Google's Android

Device makers releasing new phones and tablet computers to compete with iPhones and iPads

While the Fox News report above seems to dismiss iPhone competitors, Eric S. Raymond (esr) of Armed and Dangerous has a different take. The story above covers all of the major iPhone competitors and focuses on the iPad, while esr has been arguing for months that Google's Android will eclipse the iPhone. In on of his latest posts, he makes a compelling argument for the growing dominance of Android.


...there are significant methodological issues about how far we should trust a graph like this. By exploring them, I hope to help my readers become a bit more informed about how to apply rational skepticism to statistical extrapolation. There’s an awful lot of lying with statistics going on out there, much of it on issues weightier than smartphone market share; it is good to learn how not to be fooled.

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